Brian Cunningham | Why Trump has the upper hand against China

In Donald Trump’s world, you’re either a winner or a loser, and when it comes to China he thinks we’re losers. In fact, the opposite is true, and on the eve of his first big meeting with Xi Jinping, the president hopefully knows two crucial things: 1) China’s communist police state is on the ropes economically and politically and 2) America’s inherent strengths continue to give us the edge. Negotiators are always looking for leverage, and China’s weaknesses, which many Americans are unfamiliar with, are numerous, getting worse—and give the president numerous cards to play against Xi.

Trump told the Financial Times over the weekend that when it comes to China, “it’s all about trade.” There’s a lot more to it than that. We have to deal with Beijing on issues ranging from North Korea and Iran (China is part of the P5+1 nuclear deal) to cybersecurity, militarization of space, our opposition to the new Asian Investment Bank (a Chinese-led version of the World Bank), the South China Sea, climate change (the worst thing China exports is smog that drifts across the Pacific) and more. Think of the People’s Republic as a Rubik’s Cube: multi-faceted, complex and hard to solve.

So trade is just one part of this, and contrary to what politician Trump said on the campaign trail, the trend lines are moving in our direction. We don’t have a $500 billion deficit with China like he falsely claims. Our trade balance (goods and services) was actually 38% lower than that, at $310 billion, and based on the first two months of the year, we’re on track to close the merchandise gap by another 7%. By the way, these numbers have been falling since 2015. Bottom line: with trade shifting our way, the president shouldn’t throw this progress into reverse by sparking a trade war that’ll kill American jobs and drive prices up. Xi arrives in Mar-A-Lago with the conviction that tariff talk was just Trump pandering to voters who didn’t know any better.

And it’s not just more trade dollars that are flowing our way, it’s investment dollars too—and this is one of the cards that Trump should play. Fact: Chinese businesses are pouring record amounts of capital into the United States. Direct investment last year totaled $45.6 billion, says the Rhodium Group’s China Investment Monitor. That’s triple the 2015 number—and ten times more than just five years ago. Chinese investment has touched 425 of 435 Congressional districts and means jobs for some 141,000 Americans—including 53,000 added last year alone, the report adds. And these aren’t construction jobs that go away after a few months; they’re permanent jobs. The U.S. offers stability, property rights, contract enforcement, business transparency and the free flow of information and ideas—all huge problems in China’s corrupt, opaque communist system. The president should make it clear to Xi that not only is America open for business, but that we’ll continue to lure still more Chinese companies here because our system is better.

Meantime, it’s not just companies. Wealthy Chinese citizens, their pockets bulging with cash, are coming here too. Here’s an immigration program that works: Any foreigner who pledges to invest $500,000 in America is eligible for an EB-5 visa, and plenty of China’s richest, savviest citizens have taken us up on the offer. A study by Hurun (a marketing group that tracks wealthy Chinese) and Bank of China estimated in 2013 that more than half of China’s millionaires want to leave; two other studies have estimated that capital flight has already cost China the equivalent of hundreds of billions of dollars. That money creates jobs here and supports our economy. So why squeeze China on trade—which would hurt us—when we can better help ourselves by luring Chinese companies and individuals to invest here?

Sometimes I think Americans have lost any sense of just how attractive our country remains to others. If you’re one of them, may I suggest you read the latest survey by the consulting company AT Kearney, which said in December that the United States — for the fourth year in a row — was the number one choice for foreign investors.

Here’s the part where xenophobic Americans say they’re nervous about foreigners coming here. You know when the time to get nervous is? When foreigners don’t want to come here, when they decide to invest elsewhere. We must welcome the capital and energy of others—not reject it. The world wants to come here. This is the best card that any president could hope to play.


What Ireland is known for? – Brian Cunningham

Brian Cunningham also started a yearly concert called ‘An evening of country music’ which used to be held on the first Monday of September every year in Donegal and The Christmas Country Concert Tour that is held every year and now has become a must for all country music fan lovers.
Ireland is a beautiful country, full of unique and fascinating landscapes, Vikings villages and smaller cities, like the one of Brian, that shows the reality of how stunning and charismatic Ireland can be. It also has a lot of amazing characteristics that many people don’t dream about. Brian Cunningham listed some of the facts that make Ireland exceptional.

The Irish Guinness World Records

· In 2012 two cities of Ireland were registered in the Guinness World Records with less than a month apart. A sum of 1,436 people became the largest gathering of people dressed as nuns in Listowel, Co. Kerry on June 30, 2012. Meanwhile in July 13 of the same year 574 people dressed as the Hulk at the Muckno Mania Festival in Castleblayney.

· The Dublin Irish Festival became the stage of the largest Irish dance involving 10,036 people, on August 4, 2007. Brian Cunningham says that the most 1-2-3 Irish dance steps in 30 seconds is 43 were achieved by Irishman Ben Carolan on the set of ‘Elev8’ (for RTÉ) in Dublin, Ireland, on August 3, 2012.

· Brian Cunningham brings the Jockey AP McCoy to discussion when he talks about how the athlete holds the record for the most times a single jockey has been jump racing Champion Jockey, 19 times between 1996 and 2014.

Historical events and social affairs


Brian Cunningham points out that Ireland is not only made for dance and breaking records. Here are more facts about the beautiful country:
· UNESCO designated Dublin as the City of Literature in July 2010. Brian Cunningham says it is one of only four in the world, with the others being Edinburgh, Iowa and Melbourne.
· The waters in Ireland are considered a sanctuary to dolphins and whales. Brian Cunningham says that a small but growing whale-watching industry is starting to develop in the country, especially on the south-west coast.
· According to Brian Cunningham, Ireland has many places to visit, but the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is the top visitor attraction, welcoming around 1,269,371 visitors, with the Cliffs of Moher in second place with a sum of around 1,080,501 people and the Dublin Zoo appears in third with 1,076,876 visitors.
· The Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim, the Skellig Michael and the Bru na Boinne are the island’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
· The Irish flag is a historical political statement, with each color serving to identify one religion. The green color represents Irish Catholics, the orange color represents the Protestants, and the white color represents the hope that the two congregations will be able to live together in peace says Brian Cunningham. The flag was designed in 1848.
· The best preserver passage grave in Europe is the Neolithic site of Newgrange in County Meath, which dates 3200 BCE. Brian Cunningham says that the monument is the oldest solar observatory in the world, since its central room was constructed to aligned with the rising sun on the winter solstice.
· The Hill of Uisneach, in County Westmeath, is considered as the traditional center of Ireland, the geographic one lies 20 km away from there. The location is considered the center since with its 182-metre tall hill from where you can see 22 counties and two-third of Ireland, says Brian Cunningham.
· The best fact for Brian Cunningham is that Ireland has had its own Olympics since the Bronze Age. Named as Tailteann Games, the contests were held in honor of the deceased goddess Tailtiu, Lugh’s wife. They were at first held from the 6th to the 12th century CE and its modern revival have been held since 1924. It is claimed that the origins of the Games go back to 1600 BCE.

Brian Cunningham -Face of Ireland Irish Weather: SNOW and frost expected as temperatures set to get ‘bitterly cold’

Brrr-race yourself, Wrap up warm and get fuel for the fire because snow is predicted this week.

After a reasonably mild start to January, Met Eireann has predicted that this week is set to be “bitterly cold”, with temperatures expected to plummet as low as -1C.
We need to brace ourselves as sleet, snow, frost, wind and rain could all be in store in the coming days.

Our national forecaster has said that Monday and Tuesday will be changeable.


A spokesperson said: “Monday night will be cold with scattered showers continuing in the early night, but becoming mostly confined to the west and north overnight.

“Lowest temperatures of 3 to 6 degrees with moderate to fresh west to northwest winds.
“Tuesday will be breezy with a mix of sunny spells and occasional showers. It will be milder than Monday with highest temperatures of 9 to 11 degrees and mostly moderate westerly breezes.

“Tuesday night will continue mild with scattered showers continuing, mainly in the west.”

The weather will take a turn on Wednesday, there will be more sunny spells and scattered showers, plus fresh gusty winds.

While the day time will see temperatures of 7 to 9C, overnight it could drop as low as 1C.

While the cold snap will hit the North part of the country on Wednesday, it should kick in in southern counties on Thursday.From Thursday the weather is set to be even worse, when there will be a risk of frost and snow.
The spokesperson said: “Thursday will be a bitterly cold day with temperatures only rising to between 3 and 6 degrees in moderate to fresh westerly winds.

“There’ll be a mix of sunny spells and scattered wintry showers, most frequent over the western half of the country.


“The highest risk of snow will be in the morning and during the evening and night. Frost will develop on Thursday night.”

With many of us following a health kick this month, you may need to check the weather forecast before planning to embrace the great outdoors.

The spokesperson said: “Friday will continue very cold with sunny spells and further showers of rain, sleet and snow.

“Temperatures will again reach between 3 and 6 degrees with westerly breezes. There’ll be a sharp frost on Friday night.

“The weekend will continue very cold with further showers of rain, sleet or snow and with sharp or severe frosts at night.”Read More…

The face of Ireland – Most Beautiful Places to see in Ireland – Brian Cunningham

Brian Cunningham was born and raised in the city of Teelin in Donegal, Ireland, a city well known as the Face of Ireland, being one of the most beautiful villages in the country. Brian is an executive producer and managing director of country shows but still has a passion for his city. At just sixteen he produced his first every charity cd and tape called Helping Me, Helping You which raised large sums of money for his nearby hospice in Donegal. Brian Cunningham also started a yearly concert called ‘An evening of country music’ which used to be held on the first Monday of September every year in Donegal, likewise The Christmas Country Concert Tour every year and now has become a must for all country music fan lovers.

Because of his passion for his city and his country, Brian Cunningham decided to choose the most beautiful places to see in Ireland. The country of Ireland is known for its unique and fascinating landscapes and smaller cities, like the one of Brian, that show the reality of how stunning and charismatic Ireland can be.


Galway is a medieval city on the western part of Ireland. With Spanish arches and an impressive Cathedral, the city is a mixture of architecture and a vibrant cultural scene with its picturesque streets, colorful portals, pubs, and shops. Was already voted one of the sexiest cities in the world. Brian Cunningham tip is to explore the mountains, near to the city, of Connemara National Park.


Inisheer, Aran Island

Aran Islands are famous for the roads without cars, being the perfect place to experience a traditional Irish village. It’s made of small farming communities that still speak Gaelic as their first language and drive pony traps. Besides the charming population, Brian Cunningham reminds that you can find historic forts teetering on cliff tops, endless sandy beaches, and miles of rugged coastline.


For Brian Cunningham is the best place to see and feel the medieval times is this city colonized by the Normans. Kilkenny is in the middle of the way between Dublin and Cork and its impressive sights of the castle, standing above the bend of the River Nore, will make you breathless.


Considered the westernmost point of Europe, the Dingle Peninsula has a rocky coastline, alternating with kilometers of beaches and is washed by the beautiful and cold Atlantic Ocean. Following Brian Cunningham advice, The Oceanworld Aquarium is a great place to visit here or you can take a walk in its mystical and colorful streets. It is the starting point for all hiking trails.



Clifden has only around 2000 inhabitants, situated on the western end of Ireland. For Brian Cunningham you can relax in its colorful center, be amazed by the sight of Clifden Castle or go to the Connemara National Park, considered to protect one of the finest nature in the island.

Cliffs of Moher

With heights of 203m, it towers 214 meters over the Atlantic Ocean in western Ireland. Its extension o from the village of Doolin for around 8km to Hags Head in County Clare, stretching over Galway Bay, the distant Twelve Pins mountain range, and the northern Maum Turk Mountains. Brian Cunningham tip here is if you want to see various species of birds nestling in the cliff ledges, take a 10-minute walk beyond the visitor center.

Antrim Coastal Walk

Brian Cunningham adores its 33 miles of beautiful landscapes, with the start at Portstewart and finishing in Ballycastle. The most popular stop is the Giant’s Causeway with around 40,000 hexagonal stone columns made by a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago.



Doolin is famous for being the center of traditional Irish music. Brian Cunningham says you need to stop at the 150-year-old Gus O’Connor’s for a medley of sound and sensations. The town is just four miles from the Cliffs of Moher.


The place with the oldest remnants of vertebrate life on land in the world, dating from 385 million years ago, can be found on the Iveragh Peninsula. There are two ways of connection with the Valentia Island, in the southwest of Ireland, by a car ferry from Reenard Point or by a bridge from Portmagee. In this island, according to Brian Cunningham, you can visit the Glanleam House and its gardens with a collection of rare plants as a result of its sub-tropical climate. Or you can travel to Skellig Michael, an ancient monastic island.

For More Visit Here

Brian Cunningham Presents his Christmas Country Tour – Face of Ireland

Well-known and respected Country Music promoter Brian Cunningham is back with his Christmas Country Tour and as always with Brian Cunningham’s Country Shows they are a must for country music lovers.

Brian and some of Ireland’s leading and most well respected stars including the Queen of Country Music Philomena Begley, Ray Lynam, Dominic Kirwan, Louise Morrissey, Cliona Hagan, Barry Kirwan, Stacey Breen, Crystal Swing, Sarah Murphy and David Mills will travel around Ireland from December 19th to December 22nd inclusive.

On Monday, the 19th of December the show travels to the Glenavon House Hotel in Cookstown in Co. Tyrone for a great dance with the artistes.  A special draw will be held for Charis Cancer Care.  Earlier this year Brian helped close friends Jimmy, Aimee and Brendan O Donnell raise over £27,000 for Charis Cancer Care following the deatweh of his close friend Marie O Donnell, R.I.P. Brian visited Charis Cancer Care and was touched on the fantastic work that they do for people who have cancer and those loved ones who have been bereaved due to cancer. Tickets for the show are now on sale from Hotel Reception or from Charis Cancer Care.


 On Tuesday the 20th of December, the artistes and Brian will travel to the Tullamore Court Hotel in Tullamore in Co. Offaly in association with radio station Midlands 103. Brian Cunningham will be joined by Joe Cooney who will co -host the show with him. Tickets priced Twenty-Five Euro are available from Hotel Reception.

 On Wednesday the 21st of December, all roads will lead to the Talbot Hotel in Wexford Town for a very special concert in association with South East Radio. Brian will be joined by Philomena Begley, Ray Lynam, Louise Morrissey, Dominic Kirwan, Aidan Quinn, Cliona Hagan, Barry Kirwan and local girls Stacey Breen and Sarah Murphy. Tickets are now on sale at Hotel Reception at the Talbot Hotel.

 Finally, on Thursday the 22nd of December, Brian Cunningham will return to his native Donegal to the Bluestack Centre in Drimarone where he will be joined with a host of artistes including the Queen of Country Music Philomena Begley, Ray Lynam, Louise Morrissey, Dominic Kirwan, Aidan Quinn, Cliona Hagan, Barry Kirwan and David Mills. It promises to be a great dance. Tickets are available from the Bluestack Centre in Drimarone in Donegal.


Patrons are advised to get your tickets early for these shows as Brian Cunningham’s Country Shows are always sell out events.

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